Understanding Sleeping Mask and its Benefits for Facial Skin Beauty

The term sleeping mask or overnight mask began to be known since Korean cosmetics are increasingly popular. As the term implies, sleeping mask is a facial treatment that is used before going to sleep. Then what's the difference between sleeping mask and night cream? What are the benefits? Korean-style beauty treatments are known as a series of facial treatments consisting of several stages. Starting from cleaning facial skin using makeup remover or oil cleanser, washing your face with cleansing soap, using scrubs, masks, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, and finally applying a sleeping mask. Understanding Sleeping Mask Sleeping mask is designed as the last treatment step before going to sleep. Although the meaning is a mask, this product is not the same as an ordinary mask, because its use is more practical. In general, masks are used by applying it to the face and then waiting for it to dry. There is also a mask made from tissue that is quite attached to the face. But both o
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